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Information on Sunburns

Sunburn is actually an acute type of inflammatory reactionon the skin which occurs once the skin is exposed to excessive amounts of theharmful ultraviolet radiation. Sunburn is a pretty much common medicalcondition, experienced by everyone at least once during the lifetime. It canoccur while a person is out in the sun working, playing, fishing, swimming orperforming any other type of action. Sunburns can also be triggered by improperuse of tanning beds. Even though sunburns may be very dangerous and lead toskin cancer, they can be prevented fairly easily by limiting the exposure tothe sun, wearing protective clothing and using a powerful sunscreen.Ultraviolet rays affect the outer layer of the skin, reduce its stretchinessand lead to age spots, skin wrinkling and premature aging. Prolonged exposureto the harmful ultraviolet rays may be associated with blistering, secondaryburns and the damage caused to the deeper layers of the skin. Sunburns may beaccompanied by certain symptoms such as skin loss, flu, skin rash, vomiting,nausea, chills and fever, but it all depends on a person’s individual case. Thosewho are fair haired and have a lighter skin color are at a much greater risk ofsuffering from sunburn injuries. The damage to the skin triggered by the sun isactually accumulative. Colognes, after shave lotions and antiseptic soapsshould be avoided because they increase the risk of sunburns. Minor sunburnsusually trigger only slight tenderness and redness while severe types may evenlead to debilitation. Light clothing, a powerful sunscreen and UV protectedsunglasses are highly recommended.

Causes of Sunburn

There are certain factors such as various antibacterialagents in cosmetics and birth control pills which can make the skin become moreprone to sunburns. The most common causes and accompanying risk factors includesun exposure, ultraviolet rays, fair hair and light skin complexion, various differenttypes of skin injuries, colognes, after shave lotions and antiseptic soaps.

Signs and Symptoms of Sunburn

All symptoms of sunburns appear gradually and take some timebefore kicking in. The most common signs and symptoms of sunburns may beaccompanied by certain others such as dehydration, fever like symptoms,vomiting or nausea, chills, swelling of the skin and tenderness and painfulsensations at the affected areas of the skin.

Treatment for Sunburn

Proper hydration needs to be included in all sunburn cases.Moisturizing lotions can be applied topically. Cold compresses and medicationssuch as ibuprofen and Aspirin may also be helpful.

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