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Information on Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the medical term for the conditionwhich involves the dark spots on the skin surface. This medical condition iscompletely harmless and in most cases it occurs on the facial skin. Thediscoloration of skin does not have to be restricted to freckles and spots. Itcan also appear in the form of large and uneven patches anywhere on the body.Quite often the liver spots and age spots get mistakenly associated with thefacial hyperpigmentation.

Causes of Facial Hyperpigmentation

The skin color comes mainly from a pigment called melanin.Those who have darker skin tones actually have more melanin than those who havelighter skin tones. One of the main causes of facial hyperpigmentation is anuneven production of melanin. Certain other factors may contribute to thismedical condition and they may include sun exposure, age, hormone balance andpregnancy.

Facial hyperpigmentation usually occurs more in people who havedarker skin. There are three basic types of hyperpigmentation and they arefocal hyperpigmentation, diffuse hyperpigmentation and drug inducedhyperpigmentation. Focal hyperpigmentation usually occurs after injuries,burns, cuts and inflammatory conditions. Sometimes it can also be associated withthe occurrence of skin acne.

Diffuse hyperpigmentation commonly occurs as themanifestation of a symptom of some other underlying medical condition orsometimes as a response to chemotherapy as well. Drug induced hyperpigmentationgets triggered by certain types of chemicals and drugs such as amiodarone andantimalarial medicaments.

Treatment and Therapy

It is always important to determine the cause ofhyperpigmentation in order to determine the appropriate treatment. Cases whichare not severe may be treated with numerous different types of naturalremedies.

One can use lemon juice mixed with honey to provide the affectedareas with the healing treatment. Another efficient natural remedy for thefacial hyperpigmentation is the aloa vera gel which comes in very handy when itcomes to the treatment and soothing of the affected areas of the skin. Thereare numerous topical therapies as well and one of the most popular ones is thehydroquinone therapy. It is a simple, non invasive process for the redhyperpigmentation on the facial skin.

Other topical therapies usually includekojic acid, licorice extract, alpha hydroxy acids, retinoids and salicylicacid. Microdermabrasion is another method and it utilizes sandblasting of theskin which peels off the skin surface cells. The top layer of the skin can alsobe removed by using laser resurfacing. Sun block is essential for all those whosuffer from facial hyperpigmentation.

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