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As many people already know, paraffin wax is one of the byproducts of petroleum. As far as its appearance is concerned, it is a colorless substance discovered to have a great number of uses, and is widely employed by the people, both of the past and the present. This particular substance is used in numerous treatment therapies, since it is known to have numerous health beneficial properties. When a part of the specific therapy, it is known to have a great potential and the ability to alleviate and ward off dryness of the person’s skin, as well as provide relief and treat aching joints and joint stiffness likewise. This particular variety of wax is one of the constituents of crude mineral oil. The wax itself is not only colorless, as mentioned above, but has also no smell whatsoever, and the point at which it melts is fairly low. The treatment therapy based on this specific type of is known to have quite a long history of use, which goes back as far as the Roman Empire. There and then it was employed in the massage therapies for variety of health and also cosmetic purposes. Other uses include cooking, preservation of food – chocolate, fruits, candy, vegetables.

Paraffin wax based treatment and healing methods

The treatment in question is a spa treatment variety and is performed in most of the cases with the aim to soften the skin, as well as to give it a moisturizing boost. This is done by submerging specific parts of the person’s body in paraffin in its melted form. As pointed out above, the paraffin wax has a low melting temperature; therefore, there is absolutely no cause for concern and need to be frightened, since there is no chance of burns, or even blisters appearing on the skin. This variety of wax is also employed for making a facial mask, but the face should never be immersed directly into the melted wax. Instead, a mask made out of gauze is placed over the face, and only when this is done, the paraffin wax is placed and spread all over the mask. This variety of wax is especially known for its heat absorbing properties. Thus, once a specific part of the body is immersed into the melted wax and pulled out, the wax itself gets solidified fairly quickly. In this state, the wax has the ability to transfer a great amount of the retained heat to the desired part of body.

Wax the hands away

The treatment method that is aimed at hands and is done by the employment of the paraffin wax is actually done as a part of the manicure. Once treated with the help of this variety of wax, hands become not only more moist and radiant, but also more healthy.

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