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Ear wax is a yellowish substance found in the ear canal. The role of ear wax, or cerumen, as it is called in medical circles, is to protect the delicate structure of the ear. When dirt particles, foreign bodies and bacteria penetrate the ear, the wax blocks them so they cannot damage the ear.

Earwax has to be properly cleaned, otherwise it can accumulate and form a plug, which is not good. On the other hand, if it is cleaned thoroughly, the ear is exposed to harmful agents and microorganisms and becomes susceptible to infections. In addition, improper cleaning of the ear wax, especially using a cotton swab, can damage the eardrum. Considering all this, it is very important to learn how to clean the ears and remove the wax efficiently but safely.

Hydrogen Peroxide Method

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best substances for cleaning the ear canal and removing the wax. This method requires an eye dropper, a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide, some olive oil, two separate bowls, cotton balls and an aspirator bulb.

First step is to warm up the hydrogen peroxide and the olive oil by keeping their bottles in some hot water when they are warm, the head should be held over one bowl, with a towel on the shoulder and the ear facing the ceiling. Three drops of oil are applied inside the ear with the dropper, and the remaining oil is strained into the bowl. This is followed by three drops of hydrogen peroxide. This liquid will bubble, and it should be kept inside until the bubbling stops. Now the bowl and the aspirator bulb are filled with warm water and the ear is facing the floor. The aspirator is then used to irrigate the ear and to remove the oil, peroxide and ear wax, by holding it at 45 degrees against the outer rim of the ear while the bulb is gently squeezed. The final step is drying up the outer part of the ear using a cotton bud. The procedure should be repeated on both ears.

Paraffin Oil method

Paraffin oil method is somewhat simpler and easier than the hydrogen peroxide method, and it is just as efficient. Paraffin oil has the ability to break down and dissolve the ear wax.

A few teaspoons of paraffin oil should be warmed up by keeping the bottle in hot water for a while. After this, the oil is gently and slowly applied to the ear with an eye dropper, while the head is tilted and the ear is facing the ceiling, so the oil does not spill. It is recommended to keep the head in this position, without any movement, and the head is then tilted in opposite direction so the oil can be drained out. A cotton swab or ball is then used to gently dry the ear.

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