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General facts

This particular plant, i.e. variety of basil, bears enormous importance in the Hindu tradition, especially, the one directly related to religion. It can be safely said that it is considered as one of the most sacred symbols and is known to be worshiped by people, both in the morning and in the evening hours. Aside from being a powerful symbol, this plant is regarded as a herb that has strong remedying properties and is suitable for curing a great number of illnesses that can befall a person. One more thing that should be mentioned is that, besides the name of holy basil, this plant is also known under yet another name, i.e. tulsi.

Holy basil’s remedying powers and its treatment use

Many have witnessed the strong healing powers of a great variety of herbs, be it while some person close to them used a particular herb as a part of the treatment process, or they themselves had the opportunity to experience the remedying properties of those herbs. When it comes to the holy basil, it is considered to be most beneficial in treating the following conditions and illnesses:

Cough – this plant is also one of the vital ingredients of numerous Ayurvedic syrups used for the prevention of cough, as well as of many expectorants.Sore throat – one of the extremely helpful remedies is water boiled with the leaves of basil, which is then either drunk, or employed as a gargling solution.Respiratory disorders – boiled basil leaves, mixed with honey and ginger is considered to be extremely beneficial in healing such conditions as asthma, bronchitis, cough, cold and flu. Also, a combination of these same boiled leaves with cloves and salt alleviates flu momentarily.Kidney stone – when it comes to boosting the overall health, endurance and strength of the kidneys, there just aren’t many solutions that can outdo holy basil. If renal stone occurs, then the juice extracted from the leaves of the basil and mixed with honey will speed up the expulsion of the renal stone by means of urinary tract. Important notion is that it needs to be taken on a regular basis, for six months.Heart related disorders – this herb has an extremely favorable health effects on just about any cardiac illness and weakness that accompanies them. It is also extremely helpful in reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Other health benefits include the treatment of numerous children’s illnesses, stress reduction, treatment of various mouth related infections, insect bites, various skin and teeth disorders and headaches.

Power of the leaves

The herb in question, especially its leaves, are considered to be an exceptional nerve tonic, and are also known for their ability to boost, strengthen and sharpen a person’s memory and other mental properties. Another benefit is that the leaves have the ability to ward off and completely remove phlegm piling up inside the person’s bronchial tube. Also the holy basil’s leaves have the potential to enhance stomach’s strength and induce intensive perspiration.

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