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Ear Wax

Ear wax is a substance in the ear which defends the ear canal from outdoors contaminants and bacteria. It forms a coat on the skin inside your ear and it also lubricates and protects your ear canal from becoming too dry and irritated. However, too much ear wax can cause blockage and pain in your ear. The other symptoms may include ringing in the ear and impaired ability to hear in the affected ear. You may also experience vertigo and coughing. The cause of ear wax buildup is overproduction of wax produced by the gland in the ear canal. You may be at greater risk of ear problems if you do not maintain proper ear hygiene, if you clean your ears with cotton buds instead of cloth, and if you have excess hair in the ear.


In case the symptoms of ear wax blockage are intense and especially if your hearing is impaired, you should seek medical help. The treatment involves excess ear wax removal. There are several techniques which can be applied, such as putting ear drops, irrigation with warm water or a solution which contains hydrogen peroxide, or removing the wax with a special instrument called a curette.

Home Treatment

You can treat ear wax buildup with the paraffin oil or some other similar mineral oil. You should take 2 or 3 spoons of paraffin oil and warm it just a little bit. The best way to put the oil into your ear is to use eye dropper. After you filled the dropper with the paraffin oil, lie on the side and carefully put the oil in the affected ear. Stay in the still position for 5 minutes, and then pour out the wax of the ear. After that take some warm water and rinse your ear with it. The water will wash out the excess wax. It is recommended to take some diluted solution of apple cider vinegar and rinse your ear with it. This will help re-establish the normal pH balance in your ear.


In order to prevent problems with ear wax you should not clean your ears with cotton buds because they can cause damage to the ear canal and because they can push the wax deeper into the canal. In rare cases, you may even rupture the eardrum if you push the cotton bud too hard. You should clean your ears with a piece of cloth wrapped around your finger.

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