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Pyelonephritis is a medical term for what we all know under the name of kidney infection. Kidney infection is a kind of urinary tract infection (UTI), which typically starts from the urethra or bladder and then slowly moves to the kidney. According to the researches and statistic, this infection doesn’t care about age, and women are more liable to it than men. The main reason for that is that in women urethra is closer to anal opening and in that way it is easier for bacteria to travel from anus to urethra. Kidney infection is also a medical condition that requires medical care and treatment, because if left untreated, it may lead to some serious consequences. In order to recognize a kidney infection, we have provided you with some of the most common kidney infection symptoms that may occur in woman.

Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Infection in Women

In general, the symptoms in women don’t differ from the ones that occur in men. One of the first signs is a low fever that increases as time passes by, and it is usually followed by pain in the back, pain in groin. In some people this pain may appear as a sharp one, while in others it may appear as dull one. There are some similar symptoms that may mislead you to believe that you are dealing with urinary tract infection, because they share the same symptoms that include abdominal pain, frequent urination or burning while urinating, and strong need to urinate. Women who have kidney infection may also have blood in urine but an alarming symptom can also be extreme and sudden fatigue that overwhelms you.

Causes of Kidney Infection In Women

As it is said earlier, the main cause of kidney infection is bacterium that enters your urethra and starts to multiply. Some other causes include an infection that has started in some other body part, or bacteria that has entered through the blood stream and traveled to the kidneys. A rare cause refers to situations in which the kidney infection occurs after the kidney surgery.

Treatment of Kidney Infection In Women

In most cases, kidney infection is treated with prescribed antibiotics, but it all depends on the bacteria type that is discovered through the urine test. In many cases, only few days are needed to cure the infection. If you cannot reach a doctor immediately, you can ease the pain by putting something warm on the aching place. You can also drink a pain relief pill and consume a lot of fluids until the medical help arrives.

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