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Normal urination is very importantfor a general health of every human being. It is regarded that a healthy humanbeing usually goes to a toilet for about four to six times a day. However, whenone urinates more than eight times a day for a while, he/she maysuffer from frequent urination or frequency, and it usually shows that there aresome underlying health problems that cause frequent urge to urinate, exceptin the case when the person drinks plenty of water every day.

Nocturia is the medical term for theoccurrence of frequent urination at night while sleeping. In men, due to agingthe urge to urinate is slightly increased, but when it is followed by manyother uncomfortable conditions, it is the sign of some ailment.

Causes of frequent urination in men

One of the prime causes for theincidence of frequent urination in men is the urinary tract infection caused bysome type of bacteria, mainly by Escherichia coli. The urinary tract getsinfected through the sexual intercourse with an infected person, or due to weak immunesystem and stress.Diabetes also causes frequenturinations since the body tries to eliminate the high amount of glucose throughthe urine.The men can develop frequenturination when they have some prostate gland problem, such as swollen prostateor benign prostatic hyperplasia, which tends to make the pressure on the bladderand the urethra causing frequent urge for urination.When the tissues that form thebladder wall are inflamed, it is called interstitial cystitis. This conditioncauses pain and frequent urination.Frequent urination in men may alsobe induced by the use of certain medications such as diuretics, for example, byneurological disorders, as well as by all bladder disorders and diseases.

Diagnosis and treatment of frequenturination in men

When a doctor is informed about the medical history of the patient and about thesymptoms, the doctor will order several tests in order to diagnose the cause of frequenturination. The tests that are usually conductedwhen the frequent urination is in question include urinalysis, cystometry,cystoscopy, neurological tests and ultrasonography. After frequent urination isdiagnosed, then the doctor gives the patient a proper treatment.

The most common medications prescribed when the frequent urination in men is in question are Detrol LA, Enablex and Ditropan. Furthermore, the medicineslike Tofranil, Vesicare and Oxytrol may also be prescribed. The doctors might also recommend certainexercises to make the pelvic muscles around the bladder stronger.

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