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Does It Hurt and How Much?

Getting a tattoo at one point in life is a thought that crosses minds of many people. However, many decide not to get it done because they fear pain since they heard stories about it. Namely, this tattoo pain is the greatest mystery of all, since people feel it differently and have different attitudes towards it. Some people who got tattooed say that they have never felt anything so painful in their lives, while the other consider it a mere scratching or annoyance. Therefore, those who desire their first tattoo are in a quandary, since they do not know should they fear the pain or not. Nevertheless, even though pain is the main issue of most people, there are several additional things than one might take into consideration before getting a tattoo.

Possible Complications While Getting Tattooed

Many people have heard stories about other people fainting or bursting into tears while getting tattooed. Sobbing, crying or even screaming are also known scenarios. Although, this might scare you, do not let others experiences stop you. Even though some went through the process terribly, it does not mean you will. Rather, you might just sit and get it over with, while chatting with the tattoo artist. Serious pain does come if you are doing a whole back piece or something even larger demanding several hours of tattooing. However, since most people choose smaller tattoos to be their first, they have nothing to fear about.

If you want to get a tattoo, but you fear blood and needles, there are several things you might do in order to combine the two. You might choose a place on your body which you cannot watch during the process. Therefore, you will not be visually aware of the blood and the striking needles. Although blood is present, it is minimal and the artist usually wipes it off the moment it appears. Additionally, the needle does go into your skin, but the depth is minimal. Be careful not to drink alcohol or use any blood thinners beforehand, since you might trigger excessive bleeding making the tattooing process much harder.

Additional Pieces of Advice

First of all, you should consider the outcome. If you really want the tattoo, and you are going to be satisfied with it your whole life since it means something to you, be ready to endure the difficulties. Compare an hour of pain to a lifetime of satisfaction the tattoo will bring you, and boost your strength and stay persistent, not breaking under the pressure of pain.

Secondly, if you suffer from fear and anxiety before getting a tattoo, you might want to know that it is natural. Many people, even those who are already covered in tattoos, feel nervous before getting a new one. This is due to our body's natural painkiller, endorphin, which kicks-in when your body is in danger of pain.

Finally, get as much information as you can. Knowing exactly what awaits you can help you greatly. Therefore, get prepared, accept the anxiety, endure the pain and love the tattoo.

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