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A Permanent Mark and a TemporaryInfection

Tattoos have undergone a long way ofdevelopment from the first time they appeared in human cultures.Today, tattoos look like true works of art. For this reason, now,more than ever, people are into tattoos and an ever growing number ofpeople decide to get tattooed. Unfortunately, many fail to careproperly about these permanent body artworks, especially during thedays when their tattoo is still fresh. This can easily lead to manyhealth problems since the tattoo can easily get infected. Therefore,proper care and religious following of the hygienic instructions is amust if you wish your tattoo to look fabulous and healthy.

Most Common Tattoo Problems

Once you get a tattoo done, it isexpected to cause you irritation, minor swelling and redness on thefirst two or three days. Also, tenderness to touch is normal duringthis period. However, if this goes on for a period of time longerthan the one mentioned above, an infection may be affecting yourtattoo. Another thing specific for infected tattoos is increased bodytemperature over the inflamed area. You can check this by placingyour hand over the tattoo spot gently and sensing the warmth,comparing it to the rest of your body.

Another problem related to tattoos canbe muscle pain beneath the recently tattooed area and a developmentof fevers. All this, along with the sensation of general weakness,may indicated an ongoing infection too.

Pain is normal to be felt during therecovery period and while the tattoo is still fresh. Yet, if the painpersists for a longer period of time, an infection is, again, thepossible culprit. Furthermore, your tattoo may express problemsthrough expelling pus, which might be green or yellow colored,possibly containing small traces of blood. Additionally, the tattoospot might smell bad. One of the worst case scenarios is bloodpoisoning due to tattooing you had undergone beforehand. In thiscase, red streaks are to appear going outwards from the tattoo. Thisis a serous problem and it requires immediate medical assistance.Finally, swollen lymph nodes may be yet another sign of a tattooinfection.

There are a lot of bacteria which canenter your organism through a freshly done tattoo. Therefore, youneed to be extremely careful and keep the spot disinfected, clean andsafe from all the harmful microorganisms which might potentially doyou harm. All in all, you had your tattoo done because you wanted tohave it your whole life. Do not make that life too short because ofyour negligence.

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