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Tattoo can look beautiful, if it is done by a real master and if a person is absolutely sure that he/she really wants it – it is impossible to remove a tattoo, it's painful and it is uncertain whether it will succeed. However, tattoo causes pain, and in some parts of the body causes more pain than in the other.

Also, not everyone feel the same pain tolerance. However, as much as person is resistant to pain, tattoo cannot be painless. Anesthesia can be given just by a doctor not by a master of tattoos. A tattoo place can be dubbed with anesthetic cream, but it has weak effect and a person has to wait that the cream begins to act, and many tattoo artists avoid its use because it extends the entire process. Also, a person who is going to be tattooed can take a painkiller, though not an Aspirin, because it reduces coagulation, and the person will bleed more.

Although, the tattoo will not be painless, there are parts of the body that are especially sensitive to this kind of decoration – body parts with more nerve endings or parts where there is no meat, just bone and skin.


Form of tattooing that is applied to the eyeball is called permanent makeup. Occasionally, there is someone who would like to inject a pigment in the eyeball - most often because the person is blind in that eye, and wants it to look as normal as possible. Fortunately, this type of tattooing is performed by doctors who are engaged in permanent makeup, so anesthesia is given to the patient because the pain would have been unbearable with all the nerve endings that are present in the eye.

Venus hill

Some girls think that having a tattoo on this body part is very sexy. Sexy or not, there are plenty of nerve endings which make tattooing of this spot very painful. Therefore, tattooing this area shouldn't be performed without anesthesia.

Top of Foot or Ankle Joint

This is another region that girls like to be tattooed, because it looks like a beautiful lasting jewelry, especially on summer days. However, there is no fat that could reduce pain, which makes this process very painful.

Behind the Ear

It is another part that girls love to tattoo, because they think that tattoos on that area look nice. The problem is that there is no fat, just bone, skin and nerve endings. In translation, it hurts.

Chest and Over Ribs

Guys love to tattoo this body part, if they are handsome and muscular to point their good looking qualities. But, it will hurt them because of lack of fat. There are just bone, skin, nerve endings that need to be pierced.

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