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Phobia of needles

A stunning 10% of the world's population feels uneasy when thinking about needles let alone seeing it or getting in a physical contact with it. This phobia is, therefore, quite a common one, pestering many people who cannot seem to get over their fears regarding these small, pointy objects. Usually, people with needle phobias fear syringes, medical needles and pins too. All in all, all small and pointy metal objects cause their phobia.

Reasons behind Needle Phobia

People usually develop this phobia in their childhood; when they encounter situations where they get exposed to needles, get their skin pierced by these objects and experience pain during the process. Later in life, due to these memories, people with needle phobia experience an escalation of the fear, being reluctant to get in contact with needles, the very contact causing numerous phobia symptoms in their behavior and well-being. Some people are not visually afraid of needles, but, nevertheless, fear the process of getting jabbed by one.

Manifestations of Needle Phobia

There are numerous symptoms related to this phenomenon. Some of these involve undergoing an immediate panic attack upon the very mentioning of needles, syringes and similar items, increase in one's heart rate, nausea, shivers, sweating, hyperventilation, blackouts and dry mouth.

How to Cope With Fear of Needles

One of the things you can do, if your phobia is triggered by the sensation of your skin being pierced by a needle is to apply certain creams which are capable of neutralizing the pain you experience during the process. Therefore, you will not feel a thing and, therefore, your phobia will not get “activated”. Applying ice over the piercing spot can help reduce the pain too.

Alternatively, the patient may be given anti-anxiety medication before receiving a shot or having any other interactions with needles.

Nevertheless, one needs to be aware that this phenomenon is a mentally induced one. Being such, you yourself are capable of overcoming your fear of needles. All you need to do is get prepared for everything that is about to happen once you are to get exposed to a needle. Live it through in your mind, and promise yourself you will not panic nor hold back. Rather, you will endure this harmless process without any fear or problems. If you cannot help yourself, maybe a hypnosis therapy is an adequate cure for your phobia. Either way, certain steps need to be taken since your life and health may depend on a shot which your phobia will disallow you to take.

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