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A Mark for Life

Tattoos are becoming more and moremodern each year. They have evolved significantly, regarding theirpurpose. Initially, they were considered tribal markings. Later, theystayed connected with gangs and criminals as signs of their groupsand clans. Today, however, even though these permanent skin marks areused for these same purposes too, they are almost completely sociallyaccepted and have even become a mark of aesthetic appeal. Moreover,tattoos are considered works of art. However, upon getting a tattoodone, if you wish for it to come out the best possible way, you needto take good care of it during the healing process. Many differenttattoo artists have their own preferences regarding the cosmetic productsand medications for these purposes. Nevertheless, one is for sure,you have to be careful if you want your tattoo to be perfect on yourskin.

Tips and Tricks for Fresh Tattoos

First and foremost, you need to bear inmind that your tattoo is nothing more than ink inserted under yourskin by several hundred tiny stabs of a needle. Thus, it is clearthat wounds are created during this action. These tiny wounds, likeany other, tend to create scabs, due to bleeding and ejecting tinyportions of dead skin tissue. These scabs prolong the healing processand cause scarring. Because of this, you are highly advised to stopthem from ever appearing on the surface of your new tattoo. You canachieve this by keeping the tattoo spot clean with some of manyantiseptic products. Also, you need to keep the tattoo moist. Forthese purposes, you may use Vaseline or similar products.

As for disinfecting and keeping yourtattoo moist, you should be careful not to overdo it. Rather, makesure you apply the necessary treatments not more than two times aday. Excessive moisturizing will cause your skin to peel, possiblyaltering the look of the tattoo. Also, do not clean it aggressively,but pat it with a material like paper towel while applying theselected products.

In most cases, the tattoo artists, uponfinishing one's tattoo, bandage it with a plastic material. This isuseful for protection. However, you should not keep it on at alltimes. Wear these types of bandages while washing, sleeping orwearing clothes which might irritate the spot. In all other casesremove it and keep the tattoo moist and disinfected.

Finally, the whole healing processlasts for about three weeks. The first four days are crucial for scabremoval, the first seven days for applying some special ointments,while the rest of the healing process, you should simply be carefuland keep your new tattoo clean and safe.

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