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Is a Pain Beauty?

Body piercings have been present in human cultures since the ancient times. People succumbed to body piercings for ritual purposes mostly, while later these actions became those of aesthetics. Nowadays, the body piercing culture is present more than ever, since people, especially, those on the western hemisphere, consider it a means of beauty and physical attraction. In that respect, people have started considering body piercings to be as usual as regular ear piercings. Therefore, more and more people decide to have one or several of their own. However, this endeavor opens the door to many questions. Mainly, people are concerned with the amount of pain involved in the process, the recovery period, one's body reactions etc. Getting informed is the first step to getting a part of your body pierced, therefore read on.

Most Usual Questions and Doubts

As far as pain is concerned, one needs to have several things in mind. Firstly, pain levels vary, depending on the location of the piercing itself. Namely, piercing your nipple will hurt significantly more than having the lower part of the ear pierced. This is mainly because of the body material these parts consist of. For example, the lower ear is just flesh, it hurts only the moment it is pierced, while afterwards it gets used to the piercing and the pain is gone. Fleshy parts are the safest for piercing. More pain comes when piercing a part of the ear made of cartilage or, perhaps, by having your genitals or other sensitive parts pierced. All this being said, if you do not want pain, choose a part which does not hurt as much.

Nevertheless, if you decide to have a piercing on a body part that is usually under clothes, or prone to rubbing with other parts of your body, you need to be very careful. Constant irritation can cause infections, rashes and many other problems. Moreover, a piece of cloth may pull the piercing out, causing damage and pain.

Additionally, as mentioned above, there is a constant fear of infections. Since piercings are basically small wounds which never heal, there is a constant danger of bacteria getting into them, causing this condition. Tongue is the area most prone to this state of affairs, due to its muscular structure and location. For all these possible dangers, people should get their body piercings placed by professionals, who will do the job right. Also, proper hygiene is an absolute must, thus make sure you clean and disinfect your piercings regularly and thoroughly.

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