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Once You Get Tattooed...

More and more people are getting their favorite images or words tattooed, having a permanent mark on their bodies, reminding them about certain factors they see as important. However, this process is quite painful and, depending on the tattoo, it might last for hours. Once the process is over, the tattoo is present on your skin for life.

Nevertheless, this does not finish the tattooing process. Rather, in order to have the tattoo you wanted in a fresh, optimal and healthy form, you need to take a good care of it in order to prevent scabbing which can completely ruin the tattoo artist's work, along with your skin. Thus, you need to follow the recovery instructions religiously, taking a good care of your tattoo until it heals.

The Scabbing Process and Its Causes

The healing process of a tattoo depends greatly on your skin type, the part of your skin where the tattoo is located and the skills of the tattoo artist. After these crucial factors, taking care of your tattoo after you get it is the most important thing.

Most of freshly done tattoos make the skin red and swollen. This should not worry you since it will be gone in a day or two. However, since the whole tattooing process involves penetrating your skin hundreds of times with a needle, the skin itself will engage its own protective process after the tattoo is done. In time, the protective skin layer sheds and falls of. Yet, sometimes, certain parts of it remain with the tattoo, forming scabs around the spot. Scabbed tattoos are unbearably itchy. Nevertheless, you are not to touch them, let alone scratch the surface because you might ruin the tattoo and make the scabs even thicker.

The main reasons behind these scabs is lack of moisture on the skin. You must apply special lotions or moisturizers which will hydrate the skin, preventing it from getting dry. If you do not do this, your tattoo is likely to dry out and produce scabs. Keep in mind that you should not make the skin excessively moist, since this too will be bad, leading to creation of a soggy mass which will dry and evolve into scabs as well. Optimally, you should apply small amounts of moisturizer on the tattooed area, two times a day for two weeks.

In some cases, the initial scabbing on the tattoo may cause parts of your tattoo to fall off. Then, you may need to have these certain parts redone. Still, you should not scratch the area because you will damage the tattoo beyond repair.

Adequate Prevention

In order to have your tattoo healing optimally, right after you have it done, remove the protective foil and clean the tattoo with antibacterial soap and water. Use only your hands for the process. Having done this keep the tattoo exposed to fresh air at all times and keep it away from any kind of harmful exposure, making sure the area is clean and hydrated.

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