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Fear of the Dentist's Chair

Many people prolong their visitto the dentist and risk the appearance of dental deterioration along with someserious teeth problems, only making things worse. The main reason behind thisis fear. Namely, some people are afraid of the pain that, usually, goeshand-in-hand with one's visit to the dentist. Thus, in order to prevent thepain, many people prevent the dentist. However, this will prove to have been awrong choice, once dental decay takes a more serious step and starts beingpainful and unbearable. Therefore, it is better to have healthy teeth and aftershort exposure to pain, than to have terrible dental health and suffer forlife. All those who still are not convinced and do not desire to have anythingwith the dentist's office, might take sedation dentistry into consideration.Namely, this form of dentistry, as its name suggests, involves drugs beinggiven to patients. This results in their calmness and increased pain toleranceduring the procedure. Logically, this method has helped many people overcometheir fears of dentists and endure many painful procedures. Thus, it might bethe trick for you as well. You will not sleep, nor will you be under the samedrug as anesthesia. Regardless, you will be more relaxed and cooperative,feeling much less fear, discomfort and pain.

How Does It Work?

First of all, as mentioned above,this method relieves you of anxiety and fear. As an effect, you will have noproblems visiting your dentist regularly, if you know that you will feelnothing, be relaxed and still have excellent teeth. This is even more right forlonger procedures like having dentures placed, pulling out a problematic toothetc.

Secondly, children are always aproblematic group, when it comes to their visit to the dentist. However, withsedation dentistry, children too can be calm, obedient and relaxed, followingadequate instructions and enduring the processes wonderfully.

Additionally, sometimes, apatient may be enduring a terribly difficult procedure, like, for example, adental operation involving cutting, stitching and other, extremely painfulaspects. Here, sedation dentistry is an excellent choice. Also, sometimes, whenthe dentist is unable to locate an adequate spot for administering anesthesia,sedation can prove to be a valuable alternative.

Negative Sides of SedationDentistry

Even though this method is highlyrecommended, there are several things to bear in mind. Sedation dentistry mayinterfere with the heart, blood pressure, or other medications. Patients using prescribed medication for anyof these conditions should consult with their dentist, or even their doctor,before opting for such treatment. Additionally, since this method is appliedintravenously, it might cause problems with people who are afraid of needles ordevelop a swelling at the injection spot. Finally, people with underlyinghealth problems should also consult both the dentist and their doctor beforetaking these sedatives. And, also, cost of sedation dentistry may discouragemany, since it is not low, especially not in the US.

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