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Many of people probably at least once in the lifetime experienced the pain of the tailbone after long time spent sitting. The medical term for this bone is coccyx and it is the very end of the vertebral column. It is of the triangular, but at the same time, of the oval shape and it consists of the three, four or five bony segments which are connected by joints and ligaments. It is important to know that in some people this bone is more protuberant than in the others, and for example this bone in females is more prominent, since the female pelvis is less narrow than the one in men.How to deal with this pain?

So, if the pain of this bone is felt, it is because some kind of injury to it has happened, and it is the condition called coccydynia. The most common injuries are manifested as the apparition of the bruise (because the rupture of the blood vessels), or this bone could be broken or simply moved out of its natural position. Or, as already mentioned above, the provoker of the pain can be the simple pressure on the bone from sitting too much. And this problem could be solved by doing some beneficial exercises for the lower part of the back and the tailbone, and by changing the way of sitting, that is, by changing the position of the back.

The pressure on the tailbone increases when sitting because the muscles of the lower back and the buttocks are contracted and therefore disable any movement of this bone. The consequence is that, actually, instead on the muscular tissue, all the pressure of the mass of the body is put on this bone. Anyway, the pain in this case is the useful sign which lets us know that it is the time to alter the way of sitting a little bit. In this case, the goal of lessening the pain could be achieved by simply changing the location of the point of the highest pressure, that is, by sitting more correctly. This means that, by straightening the back, the body will naturally center the pressure little bit in front of the tailbone.

The exercises are very important since they tone up the muscles which have the function of maintaining the healthy posture of the back and play the most important role in providing the effect similar as the supporting braces do. And, the group of the small muscles of the back should be made stronger and less stiff, which could be obtained by the workouts based on extending these group of muscles. Additionally, these exercises are focused on toning up the abdominal muscles which are also essentially important for keeping the back straightened.

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