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About Tailbone Problems

Tailbone or coccyx is triangular bone found on the bottom of the vertebrae. It is consisted of three to five bones rather than just one single bone and pain and discomfort in this region of the body is known as coccydynia. Because of the broader pelvis, women are more likely to experience tailbone injuries and traumas than men. Coccydynia may cause a lot of discomfort and pain and it could take a while until it is completely healed.

Most people experience pain directly in the tailbone or in their lower back. Sitting and getting up can be very hard for these patients and the pain may worsen with some pressure or simply by touching the affected region. Bowel movements or sexual intercourse may become unbearably painful for people suffering from coccydynia, since both of these activities can add some more pressure to the tailbone. Injuries of the tailbone can also be accompanied by swelling and tenderness and in some cases, pain may also affect lower back and the legs as well.

Bruised tailbone can be caused by some fall. Repetitive strains and injuries of the tailbone area are also known to lead to discomfort and pain in this region, especially when a person engages in biking or cycling. Certain sports could cause direct blow, injure the tailbone and therefore cause a lot of pain.

For some women, pregnancy or childbirth can also be causes that provoked coccydynia. Sometimes, injuries of some other part of the vertebrae may radiate to tailbone region and cause the pain, although this area had not been associated with the cause of the problem.

Bone spurs, tumors and injuries and compression of the nerves close to tailbone area might also (but rarely) be causes of tailbone pain.

Treat Bruised Tailbone

Proper diagnosis is crucial to know exactly how to deal with the pain in the tailbone you are experiencing. Your doctor could examine you and use some X-ray or MRI imaging to find out what caused your injury. Make sure to consult your doctor especially if you happen to experience long term tailbone pain, because it might also be caused by tumor and need to be immediately taken care of.

Ice and heat packs have been known to relieve tailbone pain. Place the ice pack for some 20 minutes, wait for another 10 and then apply the heat pack on the painful area and this should ease your problem. Even though you might be suffering from minor tailbone problem, be prepared to rest and sit on a doughnut cushion for several weeks.

If the pain is very intense, ask your doctor for some painkillers. Some people may also need steroid injections for this purpose. Pain during bowel movements will be lessen by taking food rich in fibers and plenty of fluids, or taking stool softeners if needed.

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