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This bone is in the form of triangle and it is located at the end of the spinal column. This bone is scientifically called coccyx and it is actually the residue of the tail that human beings had possessed long time ago. This bone can be easily hurt since it is a kind of protuberant concerning the back and bottom area.

Every time the pain is felt on that spot (and sometimes a haematoma could appear), probably the injury took place. Women are more prone to have their tailbone injured since their pelvic bones are positioned in the way that their tailbone is even more prominent than in men.

The most common kind of injury of this bone is the breakage but it can be dislocated. Most frequently the injuries of the tailbone happen because of some accidental falls. It tends to happen as the consequence of some direct punch but more usually it happens when someone tries to sit in a jump.

The other causes are extending the back over its limits and the rubbing of the nearby bones. However, more rare causes are tumors the infections of that area the damages of the nerve endings of the spine and the other spine-related problems.

The medical treatment might include the surgical intervention, but this procedure of taking out the tailbone is rarely performed. Instead of that the doctor will be focused on reducing the pain and for this purpose he or she will prescribe the painkillers, or the injections of local anaesthetics. The other things that can be recommended by the doctor are certain softeners for stools.

The at-home treatment and recovery is essential, but it is very recommendable to seek the medical advice in order to reduce the pain, since it can be unbearable. Again, one would probably be focused on the pain and the ways to sit properly, so that the tailbone isn’t affected.

That means, actually, sitting in the position of leaning forward or on just one side of the bottom at that time. Sitting on the tailbone can also be avoided by the help of the certain pillows which are shaped as doughnuts, and they prevent the tailbone from reaching the stool.

Of course, the painkillers which can be bought in pharmacies are recommended.

If there is a case of the complication with the bruise or swelling, the injury is treated with the ice that should be held on the spot for a quarter an hour, 4 times per day. And, if there is the constipation involved, the best advice is to introduce into the meals the foods that are rich in fiber.

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