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Tailbone Pain and Pregnancy

Tailbone pain is pain located in the coccyx. This pain is also known as coccygea. It affects many pregnant women. Namely, during pregnancy the increase in size of the uterus leads to stretching and pulling the ligaments that connect the cervix and the tailbone. In case of hinge-like weakness of the coccyx a woman complains about intermittent tenderness of the tailbone. The pain is harmless and never interferes in delivery. What is more the very delivery can cause displacement of the coccyx and consequent coccygea.

Treatment for Tailbone during Pregnancy

Women suffering from tailbone pain are due to consult a doctor and start with the most suitable treatment prior conceiving. In case the condition is not brought under control a woman will face the pain in tailbone during pregnancy.

It is recommended for pregnant women with such problem always to use a cushion when sitting. The cushion effectively reduces pressure onto the coccyx. Wedge cushions are triangular and they prevent contact between the tailbone and the cushion. Donut cushions are efficient as well.

A pregnant woman is advised not to sit on a hard surface. Only by sitting on a soft surface the pain in the tailbone can be successfully prevented. Even sitting and standing must be performed slowly in order to prevent the pain.

Even though there are many medications that can effectively reduce tailbone pain most of them are forbidden during pregnancy because of the potential side effect on both, the mother and the baby. This particularly refers to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

There are several more techniques for tailbone pain during pregnancy. The pain can be managed with relaxation techniques, massage and soothing baths. Additional relief can be obtained from sitting on an exercise ball.

It is essential to inform a health care provider, midwife and an obstetrician if a woman is suffering from the tailbone pain before the delivery.A pregnant woman suffering from the tailbone pain should have plenty of rest and she is also due to engage in specific exercises.

Treatment after Delivery

After the delivery a woman may start with medicamentous treatment. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen and naproxen are drugs commonly prescribed for tailbone pain. Therapeutic sitting cushions are used as well. Such treatment may last for several months until the pain starts to subside. The woman may also undergo physical therapy. The exercises are created in such a way that they provide with proper stretching of the ligaments attached to the coccyx. Additional treatment modalities include heat, massage and ultrasound.

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