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Tailbone Pain

Our tailbone consists of about 3-5vertebrae which are located at the very end of our spine. Beinglocated in such a delicate place, this bone is prone to injuries incertain situations. When our tailbone gets injured, it may causesevere pain which affects the area around it. Quite often, people areunable to sit properly due to the pain and the discomfort felt afterthe injury. This type of pain is more seen in women than in men. Nevertheless, both sexes may suffer from it and the pain itself maybe acute or chronic in nature.

Reasons behind Tailbone Pain whileSitting

Impact is the most common cause of thishealth issue. Namely, a person may fall on the ground, hitting thetailbone hard, triggering some kind of an injury which latermanifests through pain. This pain is considered acute.

On the other hand, chroniccoccygodynia or, simply, tailbone pain, takes place due to adifficult pregnancy or labor, continual blows or pressure to the areaduring longer periods of time, repeated strain on the area throughsports like rowing or cycling or a bad posture.

Also, there are cases where thetailbone pain is triggered by previous indulgences in anal sex.Moreover, the bone itself may be malformed or affected by bonespurs, leading to pain and a greater potential for injury.Alternatively, some of the nerves from the area might get pinched,leading to pain. Dislocation is another problematic scenario when itcomes to this bone.

Manifestations of Tailbone Pain

Burning pain in the rectal area is themost common sign of a tailbone injury. In time, the pain mayintensify during sitting or lying down. The pain is usually felt inthe lower spine area, along with a potential sensation of numbness.Sex, bowel movement, pregnancy or menstruation may lead to anincrease of intensity of the pain. Sometimes, usually due to aninjury caused by a direct blow, bruises may appear, affecting thearea, making it tender to touch.

Treatment of Tailbone Injury

During the recovery period, people whosuffer from a tailbone injury are advised to rest as much aspossible. Anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers are ofteninvolved in the treatment. Sometimes, when the pain becomesunbearable, injections need to be administered. The worst casescenario involves the necessity of a surgical intervention.

However, if the problem is not thatsevere, paying attention to your posture and avoiding exposing yourtailbone to pressure is the best treatment during the rehabilitationperiod.

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