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Coccyx pain is actually the pain at the tip of the tailbone between the buttocks, and there are several other names for it. The terms which are most frequently used are coccydynia and tailbone pain, and they both refer to the inflammation of this bony area.
Whatever the reasons for this kind of pain might be, the fact is that the pain itself is very frustrating and uncomfortable and it affects patient’s every day functioning. The pain may occur in both, men and women, but according to the statistics, it is a bit more common in women. Also, it can affect children and adults, but it seems that the susceptibility to coccyx pain is increased with age. This pain may occur without any specific reason, and in that case, it is idiopathic, but injuries and infections are among the most common causes. Others are sciatica, fractured bones, traumas, and pilonidal cysts.
People with the pain in the coccyx area have problems with many everyday activities, but one of the most problematic activities is sitting, because it only worsens their pain, and a bit more comfortable position for sitting might be when they lean slightly forward, because in this position the pressure of the weight on the coccyx bone will be minimized.
As for the treatment of this condition, it is important to notice that treatment is not necessary with every pain in the coccyx area, because in the great majority of the cases, the pain will not last for a long period of time, and it will go off by itself . Only if the pain is persistent and very strong, the patient should seek for medical attention. It is usually in the situations when this pain is associated with a trauma, in which some other parts of the body might have been damaged as well, but then patients usually have some other following symptoms. The diagnose can be made easily, so based on the seriousness of the condition, as well as on the cause, the adequate therapy will be suggested. Medications for the inflammation and pain are usually prescribed because they will relieve many symptoms, while in some more serious cases cortisone injections will be given to the patient. Regardless of the prescribed therapy, there is something that every person affected by this pain can do in order to help himself or herself, and it includes resting and avoiding the possibilities of the re-injury.

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