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A few words about prolapse

As the name already says it all, prolapse is the problem that happens because some tissue which has the function to support certain organ weakens and thus provokes the displacement of that organ from its natural position. The organ then slips out, and although it sounds terrifying, it is somewhat common condition, since the main reasons for that are, most frequently, the law of the gravity and if someone had a delivery recently. Nevertheless, the problem must be treated right away after being noticed, because it is very prone to grow into some more complex and severe health problem.

The types of the prolapse

Anyway, there are several types of the prolapse, depending on which organ is affected. In some cases, the two slips out could occur at the same time, such as, for example the prolapse of the uterus and the rectum, since they are held by the same, pelvic structure.

Precisely, the prolapse from the pelvis happens because the muscular tissue located on the bottom of it loses its strength. So, that is because the fall out of the uterus into the vaginal area usually occurs in the period of menopause, since then there is the depletion of the estrogen. Similar is the process of slipping out of the vagina itself. It could be either, the consequence of the uterus prolapse, or only of the vagina. If only vagina becomes protuberant, it is usually in the inverted position. Also, this condition could be the provoker of the rectal prolapse, which, in that case, swells, and causes the blockage of the stool. However, the problem is that many women don’t feel any sign of this happening at all.

Also, there can be the partial drop out of the bladder, which is manifested as the pressure to the vagina, in the case of the females, and the prolapsed of the urethra in males, which is very prone to lead to the infection of the urinary tract, if left untreated.

Nevertheless, when we talk about the indicators of this problem, the most common are the troubles during a sexual intercourse, the blockage of the stool, the pain in the area of the lower area of the back, the difficulty in controlling the urination (aggravated during the act of sneezing, for example), and the characteristic sensation of holding some mass which is likely to drop out from the body.

The most effective way to deal with the problem of controlling the urination, which is the most embarrassing trouble associated with these condition, is putting in certain cone shaped weights that will make the muscles of the bottom of the pelvis stronger. And, by making them stronger, the whole problem is solved on a longer run.

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