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Tail bone injury is a common thing in the world of extreme sports such as skating. Women are also more likely to hurt their tail bone due to a different, more bulky pelvisstructure.

Tail bone is injured by falling onto our bottom parts, during sports or similar activities. Older people are more likely to break it since it is more sensitive. Sometimes, newborns hurt their tail bone while being delivered. Bad nutrition only adds to the fragility of bones.

The most certain sign of this type of injury is pain in the injured area. Inability to sit straight, pain during bowel movement, uncomfortable feeling while walking are all part of the symptoms of a broken tail bone. After doctor's examination which involves touching the injured spot rectally, he or she can give diagnosis and prescribe the best therapy.

The best way of healing is to avoid using or touching the injured part so as to ensure its safe healing. Patients are advised to be still most of the time and to sit or lie on other parts of their body avoiding the tail bone. If misplaced after the incident, doctors do not move it but rather leave it for the body muscles to put it back during the healing process unless the patient's persistent pain forces them to surgery.

The best therapy during healing is relieving the pain. To ease the bowel movement pain, patients are advised to take care about their nutrition and eat as much fiber rich food and fruit as they can to soften the stool and reduce the pressure on the broken bone. As for sitting, patients should avoid sitting on the bone itself but rather transfer their weight from one buttock to the other avoiding the exposure of the injured bone. Special types of seats or cushions providing such sitting are greatly helpful. Seats or chairs where injured person can sit on with enough back space to leave the bone untouched are a very good choice.

If all fails and the pain prevails, tail bone removal surgery is a must although it does not always guarantee the solution.

To prevent pain from this kind of injury, one should incorporate calcium and vitamin rich elements into nutrition. Also, it is very important to take great care while doing sports and exercise to strengthen the muscles protecting this bone preventing and reducing the danger of hurting it at any given time.

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