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A few words about sacrum

Sacrum is the medical term for the bone in the shape of a triangle, which is located at the very base of the spinal column, above the coccyx. It is actually positioned at the back part of the pelvis and it is hollow in a few places symmetrically. Also, it is composed of 5 bony segments. In addition, it is connected by the joint to the hip bones. And these are the points which are the most likely to be affected by the pain, especially in the case of the females, because they have somewhat broader pelvic construction.

About the pain

So, when someone experiences the pain of the sacrum, in the most of the cases it is caused by the disrupted function of the joints of this bony structure. The pointed out characteristics of this pain are that it is often positioned and firstly felt at one side of the lower back area; and it is prone to spread over the lower extremities, even all the way to the ankles. However, the most troublesome characteristic of this pain is that it is harsh and constant, and of course, may be aggravated in some specific positions of the body.

The main and most frequent provoker of this kind of damage is the excessive weight of the body that is usually put on the sacrum when the muscles of that area are injured. In the most cases, the strain of the nearby muscle is the cause of the damaged joint, so the damage is transmitted, actually, as some kind of a chain reaction. Besides the trauma, the trigger of this pain and the similar case scenario is also frequently the gradual or progressive deterioration of the quality of the cartilage, usually due to the arthritis that attacks the bones and the similar connective tissues. Among the other provokers, very frequent are the obesity, and similarly, the excessive pressure put on this spot because of being pregnant.

Having in mind how unbearable this pain can be, and the fact that it can be worsened when simply sitting (because the muscles of that area are tenser when sitting for too long), it is recommendable to be treated right away after being noticed. As far as the conventional treatment is concerned, the best way to reduce the pain is to hold the ice pack over the affected spot, especially in the first two days after the pain is felt. Of course, the immediate rest should be provided as the first aid action. Nevertheless, the basis of the treatment is the therapy by the medications that lessen the inflammatory process, which should go hand in hand with massages and the mild exercises, for the best results and the quickest recovery. In the most severe cases, the surgical procedure should be performed.

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