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Watery eyes are a certain type of medical condition which is a direct result of excessive tear production or poor drainage of the tear duct. This medical condition is medically referred to as epiphora. Tears are very important for the proper lubrications of the eyes, but if the tear glands tend to produce excessive amounts of tear it may lead to the medical condition commonly referred to as the watery eyes. This is not a serious medical condition and the methods of treatment are fairly simple. One must always determine the cause of the condition in order to take appropriate steps which are required in order to cure the condition.

Watery Eyes Causes

One should not be surprised that the most common cause of watery eyes is actually a condition known as the dry eye syndrome. This condition is characterized by sore eyes which tend to be dry and uncomfortable so the production of teats becomes excessive. It may lead to the formation of dry patches over the surface of the eye. The glands that produce the tears are located above the eyes, and the naso-lacrimal duct which makes the flow of tears possible from the glands towards the corners of the eye may sometimes get blocked. The blockage leads to the accumulation of the tears and triggers the watery eyes. Another medical condition which may be affiliated with the occurrence of watery eyes is called blepharitis. It is actually an inflammatory condition which affects the eyelids and also triggers the dysfunction of the glands which are located where the eyelashes grow.

The aforementioned dysfunction actually triggers the growth of certain types of bacteria which results in scaly eyelids, watery eyes and sometimes even loss of eyelashes. Ingrown eyelashes may also sometimes be held responsible for the occurrence of watery eyes. This condition is medically referred to as trichiasis. The eyelashes simply grow to such proportions that they start irritating the eye ball, causing a lot of discomfort, redness of the eye, and watery eyes. Another medical condition which is often affiliated with the occurrence of watery eyes is known as conjunctivitis. It is a medical condition in which the membrane called conjunctiva gets inflamed. The symptoms of this medical condition may include sensitivity to light, watery eyes, eye pain and blurred vision. It commonly gets triggered by contact lenses, exposure to harsh chemicals and different sorts of bacterial or viral infections. Different types of irritants such as wind, smog, pollen, smoke or dust can also trigger watery eyes.

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