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Information on Red Eye

It is a medical condition in which the whites of the eyes become red and the eyes become watery. Most cases also involve an uncomfortable feeling in the eyes and a slightly blurred vision.

It may sometimes involve painful sensations as well. Red eye is a rather common medical condition and in most cases it is triggered by another medical condition referred to as conjunctivitis. Bilateral and peripheral redness of the eyes accompanied by central sparing is usually a sign of bacterial conjunctivitis.

Unilateral and segmental redness of the eyes is a sign of a medical condition known as episcleritis. Redness of the eyeball accompanied by painful sensations and a loss of vision is a sign of scleritis. Dull and red area around the cornea with small pupils usually indicates that a person suffers from the medical condition referred to as the acute iritis.

Another medical condition that may be associated with the redness of the eyes is called glaucoma. It involves unilateral redness of the area that surrounds the cornea.

The cornea itself usually becomes dull, the pupils have an oval shape and there is no response to light. Corneal ulcer is another condition which can be recognized by redness of the area that surrounds the cornea. Another medical condition that may be affiliated with the redness of the eyes is referred to as subconjunctival hemorrhage.

Symptoms and Treatment

This condition can sometimes be affiliated with certain other medical conditions such as conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers. These conditions may trigger uncomfortable burning sensations in the eyes. Itchiness, grittiness and a crusty discharge may be present as well. Other symptoms may include painful sensations, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and severe types of photophobia.

The patient’s medical history may affect the susceptibility to conditions such as redness of the eyes. Different medications can also trigger symptoms of such medical conditions as well.

Redness of the eyes can also be associated with some of the numerous different types of allergic reactions. Herpes and lesions may also be affiliated with this type of medical condition.

Redness in the eye sometimes follows a certain pattern. It can also be associated with the presence of foreign bodies under the eyelids. When the foreign body gets removed the person should feel instant relief.

Impairment of visual acuity requires immediate medical attention. Certain severe types of this medical condition need to be treated with topical acyclovir and steroid medications.

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