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Foot pain

Many genetic factors can produce the foot pain, which can be experienced in the knee, hip, back and ankle area. Problems such as falling arches and flat feet can lead to many problems. They produce the increased pressure on the foot joints and the ligaments, thus, leading to problems. The foot has two arches, which are transverse and longitudinal arch. The longitudinal is found through the length of the foot while transverse is on the width of the foot. Plantar fascia is important since it supports the arch and it is located in the bottom of the foot. If the arch is not fully heal and supportive, the plantar fascia will be under great stress, which will produce cramping, spasms of the muscles and arch pain. These problems can produce serious pain. If you are having some problems with the pain in the foot area, go and visit your podiatrist in order to see what is causing the problem. Only in this way, proper treatment will be implemented. There are many conditions which can cause the foot pain, and among such are gout and diabetes.

Foot conditions

Viruses, bacteria and fungi can lead to the production of the pain in the foot. They are usually occurring because of improper hygiene, and among the most common examples are the ingrown toenails. If the nails start to enter the skin, irritation will follow, which may lead to infection, and because of this, toenail hygiene is very important. Virus can cause condition called plantar warts, located on the bottom of the feet. They can produce significant pain and the treatment of these warts includes liquid nitrogen used to freeze the wart. There are some medications that can eliminate this problem, and one of them is clear away plantar wart, containing 40% of salicylic acid.

Athletic injuries

These injuries can also be the source of feet pain. Problems such as bone and foot deformities can lead to the pain in question, but it can also be caused by the corns, bunions and bone spurs. The mentioned deformities are usually the result of improper shoe wear for running. Problems caused in this way can bring acute pain. Another athlete injury is metarsalgia. It is caused by the tendon strain. This tendon is found beneath the joint at the big toe's base. Fallen toenails is something almost every marathon runners experience in the career. Trauma can lead to more serious injuries like sprained ankle, fractures and muscle strains. Stress on the foot can also be the cause of these problems. When a person sprains the ankle or foot, the ligaments become overstretched, which causes the tearing of the fiber. Overuse, bruising, cut and overloading can produce strain on the bursa or fascia of the muscle. This will produce a chronic foot pain.

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