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Painful Toe

There are many different kinds of the pain which could affect feet and which could be located anywhere on the mentioned parts of the body, but whichever it is, it is very troublesome because only then we actually realize how much the feet are used during just one day. When every step is the painful experience, there is no doubt that the treatment should start right away. However, there are various skin health problems which have the pain as the most prominent symptom.

The feet problems and how to treat them?

So, one of the most frequent skin conditions, concerning the area of the feet, is the apparition of the calluses, which is the medical term for the thickening of certain spots of the skin. But, they are most prone to appear on the parts of the foot which are used to bear an excessive pressure.

Corns are also common condition, and they can also be the consequence of the untreated calluses (and in that case, they are of the harder kind, but, they can be soft, as well). Fortunately, although it sounds like they are stubborn medical condition, they can be treated easily by the special adhesive plasters which, actually, decompose the accumulated dead skin cells. And, that is why those who suffer from diabetes mustn’t use them.

Of course, there are other ways to get rid of the corns, but they help only partially, leaving the base of the corn inside the skin, thus leading to the inevitable recurrence of this problem. The most popular is rubbing the thick spots with the foot stone. However, certain products focused on replenishing the skin with enough moisture could help, but only in the cases of the hard corns.

Besides these, the pain of the heel is most commonly the result of the underlying problem of suffering from the condition (actually, inflammation) called the plantar fascia and which is located on the area which stretches from the toes all the way to the heel bone. It is very common in the people whose feet suffer from the excessive pressure, so those with the flat feet and the overweight persons are more prone to be affected by this condition. So, the most beneficial for this problem are the stretching movements of this part of the foot and both, the cold and warm compresses which should be applied onto the spot.

In many cases, the foot pain can be felt only in the area of the toes, in fact, in between them; and that is the case of the fungal infection, popularly called the athlete’s, feet because the sweaty and humid feet are the beneficial surrounding for the fungal infections. It is contagious and tends to cause little wounds on the skin. Fortunately, there are a lot of remedies for dealing with this problem available on the market, but the most important thing is to keep the affected area dry. Similar is the infection from verrucas that leads to the skin lesions.

And, it is important to remember that the nails can be also attacked by fungi and the proper hygiene of the nails must be practiced as well. A great deal of pain can also be felt with every step when there is the problem of the ingrown toenail.

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