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We can say that pregnancy is a miraculous condition full of excitements and joys at the thought of a new life created. The pregnant women experience a new, previously unknown feeling of having the child growing inside the belly. It is for this happiness and excitement that the expectant mothers manage to cope with numerous pregnancy discomforts. There are several uncomfortable conditions that almost all pregnant women experience during those nine months. The usual pregnancy symptoms are morning sickness, nausea and vomiting, as well as mood swings, which are a consequence of the hormone changes in the body of the expecting mothers.

Lower abdominal pain during pregnancy

However, the pain in the lower abdomen is not normal for pregnancy, and for that reason, many pregnant woman are so frightened and usually visit a doctor when the slightest pain occur in this region. Lower abdominal pain during pregnancy may be classified as either obstetrical or non-obstetrical pain. While the pain experienced due to ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage, as well as due to premature placental abruption, belongs to the obstetrical pain, the pain felt because of appendicitis, digestive tract problems, strain of the round ligament and tired muscles in the abdomen belongs to the non-obstetrical pain.

Causes of lower abdominal pain during pregnancy

When the egg which is fertilized does not implant itself in the uterus (as it should) but outside of it, ectopic pregnancy occurs. Since the egg usually grows into the fallopian tube, the ectopic pregnancy is also termed as tubal pregnancy. The pain in the lower abdomen, dizziness and vaginal bleeding are the signs so the ectopic pregnancy. Miscarriage is the natural abortion of the fetus and is manifested through the vaginal bleeding and severe pain in the abdomen, which spreads to the lower back. Premature placental abruption is the condition that appears when the placenta splits from the wall of the uterus in pregnancy. This condition triggers severe abdominal pain and immediate medical help is necessary, since the mother and the child can be seriously affected. Since the digestive tract is near the fetus which is growing, it can be pressed, thus resulting in pain in the lower abdomen. Furthermore, the growing baby tends to make en excessive pressure to the surrounding ligaments, causing their strain and subsequently, the pain in this area. The inflammation of the appendix is also among the possible causes of pain in the lower abdomen, and it can happen during pregnancy as well. It is very important to consult a doctor when a pregnant woman feels a strange pain in her abdomen, since it is not a normal condition for the pregnancy

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