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A Brief Introduction

A statistic: thereare over a thousand species of mold in the United States.

Moldsmay bear serious health consequences for both the living place aswell as the individual's heath.

So what are molds?

Moldsare species from the fungi kingdom. They are tiny, little,microscopic airborneubiquitousspores which also reproduce via air.

Moldsshare a number of features with mildew. Firstly, the grow on food (asthey make sure they get fed from it), and secondly they require wetand damp conditions in order to put their enzymes to work.

Andbecause a mold's job is to break down organic compounds in the soil,it acts similarly in the household as well. That is to say it breaksdown wood – not to mention the nasty stains and foul odors theytend to bring about.

Moldwill thrive in bathrooms, paint, crawl spaces, adhesive, ceilingtiles, wallboards, plaster walls, carpets, on the damp wall surfacesof food, and so forth.

Moldspores are also a well known cause for many adults and childrenhaving breathing problems such as asthma, sinus issues or cough.Furthermore, they may also be allergenic.

Whenspores are inhaled, they may germinate and attach to the cells alongthe person's respiratory tract. This may cause further issues topersons with weaker immune systems.

Whatis to be done about them?

Moldsshould be scrubbed off hard surfaces with mold cleaner and water. Next, germicidal spray should be used to kill any lingering moldspores on the cleaned surface. The surface should remain wet (withthe cleaner) for roughly two minutes (or longer, according to theparticular cleaner's instructions).

Nextoff, bathrooms. These are by far the most fertile breeding grounds for mold and mildew. This is why it is recommended to use an exhaustfan, in order to cut down the moisture which allows them to breed.Then, tiles grout and shower-door tracks should be sprayed on a dailybasis with a foaming disinfectant cleaner.

Ceilingtiles, wallboards, plaster walls or carpets that have beenmold-infested need to be replaced.

Hiddenmold problems may also be an issue. Namely, there could be a smellpresent, but no visible evidence. In these situations it is best tohire a contractor to take care of the problem.

Howwould one go about clearing the air of mold spores?

Atopof the previously noted, air purifiers or air cleaners may be used formaintaining that extra room hygiene. In the beginning, the term aircleaners was more frequently used, but today we seem to prefer theterm air purifier.

Thebest way of purifying the air would be to purchase a portable airpurifier, and do it one room at a time. These are also verycost-effective, as they significantly reduce the air pollutionwithing the home or office.

Lastly,it is noteworthy that these are further classified according to theircleaning technology.

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