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Signs and symptoms that indicate oxycodone addiction

Oxycodone is a medication that belongs to the category of narcotic pain relievers, and it is available either by itself, or as an ingredient of various medications. However, in order to use it either alone or in combination, the doctor needs to prescribe it first because it is also on the list of the controlled substances, meaning that it cannot be obtained easily and by everyone. Due to its opioid nature, it is easy to conclude that irresponsible use and not following the advice on how to take it might easily cause addiction in the person who is prescribed with the medication in question.

On the other side, its potential for abuse is also significant, which is why healthcare providers need to make sure that the risks of its abuse are minimized. What is particularly important to know about this medication is that it causes both physical and psychological dependence, although the symptoms that indicate physical addiction do not necessarily have to be indicators of abuse since even those people who take it regularly and responsibly might experience some of them.

However, the signs and symptoms that will help the doctors recognize an oxycodone addict include going from one healthcare provide to another in order to get as many oxycodone prescriptions as possible, frequent loss of a prescription, reports of prescription being stolen, as well as repeated going for prescription earlier than necessary because of vacation, for example.

As for friends and member of the family, different signs might serve as indicators to them, and among them are changes of behavior that cannot be explained, changes of friends, including even those who are good, secluded behavior and frequent need to be alone. Lack of money which is not easy to explain might also be an alarming sign, as well as lying. Physical symptoms that can be obvious include various gastrointestinal problems, drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth and weakness in the muscles. Besides, the person who is an oxycodone addict is very likely to lose the appetite and sex drive.

How is oxycodone addiction treated?

As far as the treatment is concerned, it is important that it is conducted as early as possible in order to prevent serious damage to the health, both physical and mental, which is very likely to occur if the addiction is present for a longer period. The therapy will have to include detoxification in order to cleanse the body system from the drug, and afterwards, counseling sessions and the person’s determination to get rid of this problem will play the most important role.

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