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It is a narcotic painkiller made of an alkaloid thebaine which is further made of opium. This medicine has similar chemical structure as morphine so its effects are mainly the same. The opioid receptors in the brain as well as in the body are alerted by consuming this drug. Apart from being a powerful analgesic, it also works as a sedative. However, if one takes oxycodone for a long time, he/she may develop a tolerance for it. The physicians give this medicine to their patients as a painkiller for their condition but the patients usually begin to take the higher doses of oxycodone. It is important to take this drug according the physician’s instructions; other wise, when one takes it in higher doses or when he/she changes the way of administration of oxycodone, it usually causes serious consequences on the heath of the consumer.

Side effects of oxycodone abuse

This drug belongs to the group of frequently abused prescription medicines. Many patients continue to take this drug or take it more than it is required in order to create euphoric effects which make them happy and satisfied. However, it eventually leads to the oxycodone abuse and serious outcomes. Even though the behavioral changes and mood alterations are not of such a great intensity as in heroin and morphine abuse, oxycodone abuse has become pretty out of control since it is easily available. Some people first melt oxycodone in water and then inject the solution into the body. On the other side, there are those who simply snort it. If it is further combined with alcohol, the person will almost immediately experience euphoric effects.

Prolonged ingestion of oxycodone makes the effect on the brain as well, which in turn begins to produce low amounts of dopamine, resulting in complete addiction to this medicine. One starts to take it habitually regardless the appearance of the numerous side effects of it. Shallow breathing, dizziness, disorientation, sickness and vomiting are the typical symptoms of oxycodone abuse. Furthermore, the extended use of this drug may also lead to constipation, seizures, small pupils, cold skin and hallucination.

It is not recommended to suddenly stop ingestion of this drug because there are oxycodone withdrawal adverse effects as well, such as depression, agitation, sickness, excessive perspiration and fast heart rate. Moreover, cramps, hot flashes, watery eyes and runny nose as well as perplexity and insomnia may also appear in those who abruptly stop taking oxycodone.

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