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Why Do Some People Abuse Prescription Drugs?

There are certain people who tend to abuse prescriptiondrugs for various reasons. There are those who abuse them because they thinkthe drugs will make them study more effectively, there are those who think thatdrugs will make them lose weight or stay fit and there are also people whothink that prescription drugs will help them in having more fun. In some cases,prescription drugs can be obtained much more easily than street drugs becausefriends or family members may have them simply because they use them for thetreatment of some medical condition. Sometimes certain prescription drugs canbe purchased on the street like any other type of illegal drugs. There are alarge number of people who tend to believe that prescription drugs are muchless addictive and safer than illegal drugs. This could not be further from thetruth as prescription drugs can be considered safe only by those who actuallygot the prescription from a professional healthcare provider. There are alsopeople who tend to abuse prescription drugs because they think that by notdoing anything illegal they are completely safe from harm. Taking prescriptiondrugs without a prescription is actually illegal and it means breaking certainlaws.

Statistical Data

According to certain statistical data, prescription drugabuse is constantly on the rise, which is not good news. These drugs are at thesecond place on the list of most commonly abused category of drugs, right belowmarijuana. There are almost 20 percent of citizens of the United States who useprescription drugs for various different types of non medical purposes. One ofthe biggest problems associated with prescription drug abuse is steroid abuse.This type of abuse is reported in men much more than in women. Almost half ofall cases of hospital emergency admissions for drug overdoses take placebecause people abuse prescription drugs. Over the years, various differenttypes of prescription drugs have grown gradually available from various alternativesources. In general, prescription drug abuse is pretty much the same in bothmen and women.

List of Drugs Which Are Abused

There are a large number of prescription drugs which arecommonly abused by a significant number of people but they can easily bedivided into three distinct categories. Stimulants are one of those categories.These medications are known for increasing the activity of the brain whichleads to greater energy, attention and alertness. They are commonly used forthe treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy. The most commonly abused stimulantsinclude amphetamines and methylophenidate. The second category of abusedprescription drugs are medicaments commonly referred to as central nervoussystem depressants. These medications are known for slowing down the activityof the brain and providing a rather calming and drowsy effect on those whoabuse them. These medications are commonly used for the treatment of variousdifferent types of sleep disorders, panic attacks, tension and anxiety. Themost commonly abused types of central nervous system depressants include alprazolam,diazepam and pentobarbital sodium. The third category of commonly abusedprescription drugs are opioids. They are known for attaching to certain typesof receptors in the brain and the spinal cord so that they could prevent thebrain from receiving any pain messages. These medicaments are commonly used forthe treatment of diarrhea, cough and various sorts of painful sensations. Themost common opioids include meperidine, hydrocodone and oxycodone. There arealso people who abuse and become addicted to a large number of different typesof over the counter medications. These addictions may often be associated withnumerous sorts of side effects such as hallucinations, numbness, stomach painand confusion. Use of all different types of prescription drugs may beassociated with various sorts of side effects characterized by different stagesof severity. Some of them may even lead to death. The risk of any side effectsis much greater when the drug gets mixed with other drugs or alcohol. The biggestproblem associated with prescription drug abuse is addiction. Addiction can berecognized by numerous different signs such as changes in interests, changes inweight, changes in mood and the need to take the particular drug. The good newsis that most types of prescription drugs can be treated by certain treatmentmethods.

Tips for Taking Prescription Medication

All prescription medications need to be taken according tothe guidelines provided by the professional healthcare provider. All thedirections always need to be followed closely. All the doctor’s appointmentsneed to be kept. It may also be wise to take notes of all the effects the particulardrug has and inform the doctor about them. All the guidelines given by apharmacist also need to be taken into consideration. One should never changethe dose of the medication without consulting the doctor first.

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