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Oxycodone and the main facts

This medication belongs to the group classified as narcoticpain relievers, and in order to be used, it definitely requires prescriptionfrom the doctor due to the fact that it is very likely to cause psychologicaland physical addiction. This means that it can happen that those people who useit might find after some time that the prescribed dosage is not as effective in relieving the pain asit used to be, and they might increase the dosage on their own. This should never bedone without previous consultation with the doctor and their approval, becauseit can easily make a person become dependant on it. Due to the seriousness of someside effects and interactions, it should be used and prescribed more than carefully.

Symptoms of oxycodone withdrawal

Just as is it the case with any other withdrawal, in thiscase it also occurs due to the fact that the body has become accustomed to theeffects that this narcotic causes. The problem of withdrawal emerges when theperson who used to take medications on regular basis suddenly stops to takethem, thus depriving the body of the amount that it became accustomed to, anddisturbing the levels of it in the blood. It is normal physical reaction of thebody, and even though the symptoms might be uncomfortable and unpleasant, noneof them is too serious and they go away after some time. They do not differmuch from the symptoms of withdrawal when it comes to some other medications,although they might vary in intensity, but it depends on the individual. Some ofthose that are less unpleasant are: sweating, nausea, watery eyes, runny nose, yawning, abnormal skin sensations, weakness,and pain in the joints and back. On the other side, those that might be more difficultto deal with and those that are scarier in nature are: rapid heart rate, faster breathing,hypertension, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and abdominal cramps, imaginingthings that are not there, shivering, mood swings. Symptoms that can be fatal and that definitely requiremedical attention are cardiac arrest, coma, respiratory arrest, shock,excessive drop in the blood pressure, but these symptoms are generally presentin those who abuse oxycodone, or those who overuse it. The symptoms ofwithdrawal can also be present in infants whose mothers used to take thismedication, and they are also possible in newborns

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