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Outer ear

Outer ear is the part of the ear which actually plays the essentially important and basic role in the sense of hearing and it is the visible part of the hearing system, which could be spotted from the outside. Its function is to collect the sounds from the environment and there is the tube, called the ear canal, which ends in the eardrum, trough which those sounds flow into the auditory system.

Outer ear infection
The most common ailment of the external part of the ear is the infectious process which usually happens because of the entrance of bacteria or fungi from the environment. More often than in air, these germs can be found in high concentrations in the water or, to be more exact, in the impure waters of the public pools, and that is why the individuals who swim more often, are more likely to be affected by this condition. So, this problem is very common and it is, fortunately, easily treatable, mostly because the external part of the ear is more reachable, logically.

The most prominent indicator of the infectious process of this part of the auditory system is the swelling on the surface of the mentioned tube, which is, in most of the cases, acute. Besides the pressure of the swelling, there is also intense and sharp pain as the most pointed out indicator of the bodily response to the infection and inflammation. Additionally, very uncomfortable is the sensation of the damaged ability to hear.

The most important thing is that these signs are intense and usually do not last longer than the period of the 48 hours, except in the cases when the condition is not treated. So, if the condition is neglected and let to advance, the discomfort and the irritation also tend to prolong. This is dangerous because in the case of the chronic condition, there is no pain to appoint to the urgency of treating the problem.The treatment

The conventional and, in fact, any other treatment is based on certain beneficial substances which are designed to be administered through the ear tube in the form of the drops. Those are the steroidal drugs (which successfully lessen the swelling and the pain, dealing with the consequence), the medications that annihilate bacteria (which effectively deal with the cause of the infection), or the aluminum acetate (which is the substance that makes the surfaces dryer). Putting the drops into the ear canal is, naturally, the most effective way to safely apply the medication or remedy over the swollen surface. At this point, it is important to emphasize, that, during the treatment the affected individual should restrain him or herself from any activity in the water.

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