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The pain and the irritable sensations which are felt in the area of the hearing system, are among the most frequent health troubles, having in mind that the earache is in many cases tightly associated to the headache. That is, for example, the dull pain which is felt in the head as the consequence of swallowing the ice, is extended over the ears, since these organs are physically connected with mouth and nose. This is the phenomenon which could be described as the reflected ache, and it is also usual in the cases of the inflammation of the tonsils, the inflammation of the sinus cavities, syndrome of the painful joint of the jaw and so on.

However, when the pain in the ear(s) is felt, it is almost unbearable, and it is the most prominent indicator of the ear problems. For instance the intense pain appoints to the infectious process of the ear tube which ends with the eardrum, caused by the entrance of the bacteria. This is the acute type of the condition and it is very likely to spread over the nearby organs, so it should be treated right away after being noticed with the cleansing agent and the ear drops. The recovery and the prevention of this disease should be based on being careful about not having the ears filled with water.

What the pain tells us?

Nevertheless, the same type of ache could be felt in the middle ear (which is the cavity separated from the outer ear by the eardrum), and this infection caused by the bacteria should be also treated immediately, since it could be the sign of the future severe damage of the hearing sense. Nowadays, the most effective drug, called Prevnar, for this infection is administered through the process of vaccination. Besides, the mentioned possible consequences, this infection could be also aggravated and it could progress into the condition of the erosion of the ear bones and the presence of the pus in the cavity, which can be extended over the brain and may have the fatal consequences. Similar is the case of the cyst which corrupts the bone and also passes on the brain.

In the case of somewhat milder pain but described rather as the sensation aroused by some compression, it, is logically, the result of the congestion of the ear canal, or the consequence of the reflected pain from the sinus cavities, which is explained above. Naturally, this problem is usually solved by treating the cause, and not the consequence, so the pain in the ears is relieved as soon as the inflammation of the sinuses is cured.

And, finally, there are some cases of the discomfort and irritation, which are usually marked by itching (when there’s not enough wax produced, often caused by the fungal infection, which is more permanent condition) and crackling in the ear (which is caused by the excessive ear wax).

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