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Ear infection usually affects children, but adults, dogs and cats can also be affected by this uncomfortable condition. Here, we will mention few useful things about causes, symptoms and treatments regarding ear infection.

Types of ear infections

Depending on what part of the ear is infected, we can distinguish three types of ear infection: inner ear infection, middle ear infection and outer ear infection. However, we can also say that there are two different middle ear infections and those are: acute otitis media and otitis media with effusion. First is referred to infection, swelling and presence of liquid in middle ear, which is extremely painful, whereas the second one is diagnosed when there is also liquid, but it stays there after the condition is cured.

What can cause ear infections?

Ear infection develops as a result of bacteria or virus attack. Outer ear is usually infected when somehow polluted water enters the ear. When viruses or bacteria reach middle ear (usually through the nose) they inflame the middle ear and when those bacteria or viruses pass to the inner ear, they cause inner ear infection, which is the most serious one. It is very important to know what the cause of infection is, so that suitable treatment could be determined.

Symptoms of ear infections

There are different signs that can indicate an ear infection. The symptoms of outer ear infection are visible and include swelling, itchiness and tenderness of the ear. You can recognize middle ear infection by pain in the ear, increased body temperature, liquid running out of the ear and problems with hearing. Inner ear infection is the most severe one and the symptoms are usually very disturbing and include dizziness, sickness, loss of balance and difficulties hearing. Rarely, ear infection can develop without person experiencing any signs.

Treatments for ear infections

For the treatment of ear infections antibiotics are used to destroy the bacteria causing the infection. The infection will disappear during time, but what seems to be the biggest problem is the pain that the infection produces. Most of the people just want to get rid of the earache. Pain caused by outer and middle ear infection can be relieved by painkillers or tea tree oil drops, and when the pain is excessive, medical adviser will give you pain relief ear drops. If you suspect that you have ear infection, it is best to seek medical help. However, you should know that the infection it treatable and leaves no consequences.

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