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Hydrogen peroxide and its uses

Hydrogen peroxide is a liquid, which is pale blue incolor. This liquid has strong oxidizing and bleaching features. The chemicalformula for hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. Hydrogen peroxide is highly reactive chemical and therefore, it has many applications in medical, as well as in industrial sector. In medicine,it is mostly used in disinfection of the wounds. On the other side, in the industry, it is used as a bleaching agent, especially when the pulp and paper bleachingare in the question. Since hydrogen peroxide has antibacterialproperties, it is widely used as an antiseptic and disinfectant. Therefore,many infections can be successfully cured by it. Many people use hydrogenperoxide when they suffer from an ear infection since it can effectively healit.

Ear infection

The human ear can be divided into three parts: outerear, the middle ear and the inner ear. Each of these three parts has its own structure.The outer or external ear is made of the ear flap and ear canal where the earglands that secrete the ear wax are. The middle ear is comprised of eardrum,hammer, anvil and stirrup. The inner ear is made of cochlea, semicircularcanals and auditory nerve.

Otitis externa is the medical term for the externalear infection. When the ear infection occurs in the middle ear, it is medically calledotitis media, while otitis interna is the medical term for the ear infection inthe inner ear. Otitis media is most frequent ear infection. In the majority of cases, people develop earinfection due to cold, since it can lead to the swelling of Eustachian tube thatlinks the middle ear to the pharynx. When this small tube is swollen, it becomeseasily blocked, thus making a good environment for the bacteria and germs, which is why anear infection occurs. Impacted ear wax may also be responsible for the occurrenceof an ear infection.

Hydrogen peroxide for ear infection

Only 3% hydrogen peroxide is used for medical purposes.Hydrogen peroxide is effective in removing the tissue debris even fromunreachable areas since it causes an effervescence reaction. Hydrogen peroxide is used to treat external earinfection and to remove foreign bodies that are trapped in the ear. Furthermore,hydrogen peroxide can soften the ear wax and thus facilitate its removing fromthe ear. Only a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide should bepoured in the infected ear. After a few seconds, it should be drained completelyfrom the ear.

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