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The human body has five senses:


Each of these senses has its mainorgans through which the senses are manifested. Thus, the main organ for thesense of seeing is the eye, while the main organ for the sense of smelling isthe nose. Furthermore, the organ for tasting is the tongue and the main organfor the sense of touching is the skin. The sense of hearing has its main organas well, and that is ear. The ear is the part of the auditory system in humansand it structure is very complex. The main role of the ear is to receive thesound waves and transmit the signals to the brain. Another function of the earis to keep the balance of the body.

Different parts of the humanear

The human ear is made of threemajor parts and these parts are further comprised of other parts. The threemajor parts of the ear are the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. Theouter ear collects the sound waves that travel from the outer ear to the middleear. In the middle ear, the sound waves are transformed into the compressionalwaves, which then travel to the inner ear. In the inner ear, the compressionalwaves are transformed into electric impulses that the brain perceives.

Outer ear

The part of the era that we cansee is external or outer ear. It has the role to protect the eardrum and tocollect the sound waves. It is comprised of two parts, ear flap, which iscalled pinna, and ear canal, which is called meatus. Ear flap serves for collectingthe sounds, while ear canal, which is long 2 cm by the way, serves as a canalfor the sound waves that travel to the middle ear. In this part of the ear aresweat glands that produce earwax.

Middle ear

The middle ear is filled withair. It is made of four parts: eardrum, hammer or malleus, anvil or incus, andstirrup or stapes. The role of the eardrum or tympanic membrane is to part theouter and the middle ear and to vibrate when it receives the sound wavestransforming them into mechanical energy. Hammer, anvil and stirrup are threetiny bones that are located near the eardrum and they vibrate and pass thewaves next to the inner ear.

Inner ear

The inner ear is made of cochlea,semicircular canals and auditory nerve. Cochlea is also called spiral tube thathas the membrane full of the nerve cells that convert the waves into theelectric impulses. Semicircular canals help in maintaining the balance, whileauditory nerve passes the electrical impulses to the brain.

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