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Orthognathic Surgery

We will see what orthognathic surgery is and how much it costs. The surgery we are talking about is connected with the problem of the irregular jaw. Problems that affect the face are very discomforting and problematic. Not only that they are causing physical problems, but they also cause mental ones, due to the fact that the people are afraid to be seen by other people in this condition. The surgery we will talk about corrects the problems with jaws. Several factors determine the price of this surgery that can return the facial looks to normal. First, let us see what this surgery really involves. The surgery involves the repositioning of the upper and lower jaws, which are not properly positioned. During this surgery, advanced techniques are used so the surgeon must be experienced. The irregular jaw can cause breathing, eating and speaking problems, but they can be eliminated this way. Also, a temporomandibular joint symptom, which causes biting problems and pain, can be treated with this surgery. Facial swelling is a complication that can be experienced after the surgery. The surgery involves the creation of incisions in the mouth and a period of wearing bracelets prior to the surgery. The orthognathic surgery will be determined by the surgeon's decision after full medical history has been disclosed to him. Also in order to diagnose the problem correctly, the surgeon may require x-ray of the mouth. The surgery is done under the anesthesia and there are no serious side effects associated with this surgery.


Some of the factors that determine the cost are hospitals location and complications that may be experienced in the future. In India and other Asia countries, this surgery can be done at a very affordable price. Also, the cost is different if both or just one jaw is operated on. Medical insurance will surely reduce the cost of this surgery. See an oral surgeon who will give you all the information about this surgery. The cost will depend on the location of the hospital. Smaller cities have cheaper surgeries, while big metropolitan cities can be very expensive. Also, the braces that have to be used cost around 5 000 $. The cost of the surgery, and only the surgery, will be around 8 500 $, while other fees include hospital charges. Also, the supervision after the surgery will increase the cost of the surgery.

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