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Gastric Bypass

This is a very expensive surgery that involves high amount of risk, but despite that, high cost is something that also puts future patients away. We will talk about this problem, about the financial options, insurance coverage and costs associated with the gastric bypass surgery. This surgery is done for those who are obese and if successful, it causes permanent weight loss. This is one of the most popular solutions for people with this kind of problem. The surgery can alter the entire life of an individual. But, the charges associated with this surgery are considerate and this affects the decision whether to undergo this surgery or not. We have said that this surgery can be an excellent choice for those who are obese. They will experience a true change of life and they will start to enjoy living. The obesity is involved with a lot more strain, not only on your bank account, but, also on the emotional and physical life. Obese people have life limitations, health problems and few work opportunities.


Approximately, 25 000$ is needed for this surgery, but the final figure will depend on the surgery extent, location, surgeon and health of the patient. Follow up exams, post-operative testing, anesthesiologist's fee, hospital charges and bariatric surgeon’s fee have to be added as well. Also, you will have to pay for the fitness training, psychological counseling and nutritional counseling. We recommend taking an all-inclusive program, since it will pay off better on the long run.

Insurance Coverage

The pre-approval and eligibility requirements must be confirmed even by the insurance that covers the gastric bypass surgery. The process may be a bit more complicated, so you can consult your bariatric surgeon and remember always to read the coverage instructions from the insurance company. Eligibility is something that is used by the insurance company to deny the coverage. The medical documentation and medical letter by the bariatric surgeon are needed for the insurance company if you want to prove you are eligible for the gastric bypass surgery. The proof of your obesity will have to be given to the insurance company. Also, Medicalid and Medicare are government programs that can also help.

Patient Financing

You can pay from your own pocket in monthly installments, which can be affordable. If you turn to loan companies, you can make payments every month, although some amount of money will have to be given upfront. Referral can be given by your bariatric surgeon, and you can give it to a financing company. Still, make sure you see the payment plan prior to the surgery.

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