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Invasive procedure called gastric bypass is used for makingthe stomach much smaller and making the connection between the small intestine'sfirst section and the bypass. This will lead to the feeling full much faster thannormal, which will further limit the intake of food so that the calories you consume arereduced, as well as the weight. The gastric bypass surgery can help your body alot but know that it comes with a hefty price.

Appropriate Candidates

The most common candidates for this kind of surgery are those with the bodymass index, or BMI, over 40. Also, if a person is exposed to great risks forher or his health due to excessive body weight, then it makes it asuitable candidate. This surgery is some form of a last resort when weight lossis concerned and it is done only when all other options, such as exercising andproper diet, fail to produce results. Candidates for this surgery are those whoare overweight for at least five years, who didn’t have alcohol abuse problems, who are aged between 18 and 65 and who did not suffer from mayor psychiatric disorders,like depression.


If you opt for this surgery, know that you will have to pay for two to threedays of staying at the hospital, psychologist, anesthesiologist, surgeon, and maybesome other specialist and the overall cost is usually from 15,000 to 35,000 dollars.The cost will be different according to the initial emotional and physicalhealth of the patient and it may even rise up to 50,000dollars if some complication occurs. But know that the insurance will cover the majorityof the price.


Complications like infections can happen because of the bacteria release fromthe bowels. So do not skip any antibiotic and be sure to take them all before thesurgery because this will reduce the risks of infections. Also, there areactivities done following the surgery and prior the respiratory therapy, whichcan reduce the chances of infection occurring. During the surgery, some of theblood vessels might be cut, which would lead to the hemorrhaging. Transfusion isusually needed after the surgery and sometimes the second operation as well.Dumping syndrome is something that happens occasionally after the gastricbypass surgery. Once the content from the stomach rises to the small intestine,it causes diarrhea, sweating, weakness, anxiety and nausea and they usuallylast from 30 to 45 minutes.

Know that you may suffer from depression due to the fact your diet and foodsyou eat have changed, and thus your lifestyle as well. So this surgery involvesemotional cost also. Period from 3 to 5 weeks is needed for you to return toeveryday activities. Food perceived as an emotional crutch may cause someproblems and increase the recovery time to even three months because of the emotionalproblems. But they should be eliminated after this period.

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