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Hair loss is a very popular problem. Alopecia is its another name and it can be present among males and females. It can be caused be hereditary factor or by stress. Hair transplant is a treatment that can help people who are suffering from this problem, but the cost of this surgery may be a difficulty that not all can cross. We will give you information about this treatment and the cost it involves so that you can have a general picture of the amount of money you may require. The price of it has been very steep in the past, but today it has become very affordable due to its popularity. However, the cost is still high and not everybody can afford it, but the results may involve full and thick hair. The surgery involves payment by the graft, which was 20$ several years ago. Now this surgery is much faster to complete and it a lot more affordable. There are several methods of the hair transplant, so it is best to consult a surgeon in order to have a clear vision about the procedure. There are several types of hair transplant surgeries. Price ranges from 2 000 $ do 10 000 $ when it comes to a basic hair transplant surgery, while from 3 000 $ to 15 000 $ will be needed for a laser hair transplant surgery. Before the surgery, the use of alcohol and drugs is prohibited since it increases the chances of graft acceptance and reduces the chance of intravenous bleeding, which is one of the complications that may arise. Also, the use of antibiotics for the infection and wound prevention can occur after the surgery.


The price is determined by the number of sessions and grafts. Grafts imitate hair follicles, which have from 1 to 4 hairs. The cost of a graft varies from 3 to 5 $, while the session may include from 1 500 to 2 500 grafts. In some cases, even 4 000 $ grafts can be done in one session. There are other fees, like blood test fee and medications included in the total cost of the hair transplant.


The cost, which is relatively high, can be reduced if the international surgical plan is used, so for example, less than 5 000 $ may be needed to go to Mexico or Argentina and have this surgery. Forehead and scalp swelling may be experienced after, but remember to consult the surgeon about the possible side effects in advance. Also, some medications can be used if this surgery is too expensive for you. Do not choose the most expensive option and always inform yourself before making a choice. Homeopathic remedies may be a cheap alterative.

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