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Colonoscopy Cost

We will focus on the amount of money needed for the procedure called colonoscopy, but first we will see what colonoscopy actually is. This procedure involves the use of video endoscope, which is a specialized and flexible piece of equipment used for the examination of the colon. This procedure is used to determine if some further treatment is needed and to see if any problems are located in this region. The region we are talking about is the larger intestine. Virtual colonoscopy is a new procedure that detects the complications in the colon, depends on the technology of X-rays.

Cost Factors

Insurance is the most vital part of the question we want to give an answer to. The insurance will pay for the whole procedure if you are under a medical insurance for colonoscopy. Those who are under such insurance should not be even thinking about the cost of this procedure, but those who are not insured have to pay from 2000 to 3000 $ for this procedure. One thousand dollars needs to be paid if you are not insured, and this cost can sometimes exceed 3000 $, so you can see why detailed medical insurance plan is needed and the insurance taken. The location where you are doing this procedure determines the cost. Cities like Milwaukee are more affordable and the cost of colonoscopy is such cities range from 600 to 1200 $. If you choose to undergo this procedure in a city like Chicago, you will have to pay from 900 - 2600 $. The cost is increased due to the use of polyps. Also, there are two types of colonoscopy, and they are virtual colonoscopy and conventional colonoscopy, but their costs are different. Know that virtual colonoscopy is the one more expensive. The cost will also be increased due to the clinical examinations and test that should be done. There are low cost options in some medical institutions, hospitals and federal government facilities, which can be a good solution for those who have no medical insurance. You can get a general screening, which involves the use of sedatives and it is finished in 20 or 25 minutes. This is also an option for those with no medical insurance. The price of such procedure, like flexible sigmoidoscopy, goes from 100 to 300 $. This type of screening can be a bit pricier if it is done in a hospital. This option is good for those who are not able to pay for the actual colonoscopy, but we cannot suggest this procedure due to the fact that it is not that efficient and not whole colon is visible during this procedure. Wherever you chose to do this procedure, choose a certified physician. For the end, we can suggest to do this procedure in the suburbs, since the costs will be lowered and see if you can get installment schemes or payment options from the medical facility in which the procedure is done.

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