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Laser eye surgery cost

Not one price for laser eye surgery is “right”. A lot of factors are included, such as the surgeon you choose, the equipment and quality of the laser system used, your vision prescription, type of procedure and so on.

Comparing LASIK prices When doing this, make sure to compare what is included in these prices. There are a lot of things that are included, but only one thing is the same everywhere, and that is the quoted price is “per eye”. You shouldn't be looking for the cheapest but the complete quality of service for the amount you'll be spending. When the cost of LASIK surgery goes from less than $1,000 to over $3,000 per eye, there are obviously some differences.

Consider the following criteriaSurgeon – more experienced will cost more than those with minimal training or not as much experience. Instead of looking at the price, focus on surgeon's credentials.Equipment – State-of-the-art equipment costs a lot, but make sure that it is FDA approved. Also, make sure that the machine, which is best fit for your vision prescription, is being properly maintained. This equipment is expensive to buy (about $500,000) and it also costs to be maintained (about $90,000 per year), so that cost is reflected in the price of surgery. Time – It depends on the level of preoperative testing and postoperative check- ups. Make sure to find a doctor who will take the time to test and screen, answer all your questions that you have about the procedure and risks. Also, find out if this is included in the fee. Prescription – It determines the type of correction, and the more correction that needs to be done, it will be more expensive. Procedure – Basically, the price depends on what LASIK procedure you are getting. The more complex ones, will, naturally, cost more.

Additional Laser eye surgery Cost FactorsWhat you need to check with your provider is whether they offer free consultation and aftercare for life or for the period of one year, as it is common with most laser eye surgery clinics in UK. Some clinics offer payment and finance plans to make your laser eye surgery more affordable, while some offer 0% finance. Be careful with low prices quoted in advertising campaigns, because the majority of patients don't fall into the range of prescriptions. There is one way that will surely get you an exact price for the laser eye surgery that you need, and that is to go into the clinic and have a laser consultation. Doing that, you are left with only the choice to see what is in your price range and what is not.

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