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Not so many years ago, the only option for people with issues with their sight was to wear glasses. After glasses came the contact lenses and now it is all about Lasik.

Lasik Eye Surgery

In the surgery, the surgeon will correct the imperfection in the eye so that, the flaw in a person’s vision can be put on a normal footing. It is a popular choice as it will for the majority eliminate the tradition of lens and glasses. After someone has set their sights on having Lasik eye surgery, the next thing to consider is the cost of the treatment. The Factors that Determine the Price of the LASIK Eye Surgery

The charge differs from country to country and even from city to city. Each center will have a different price tag on the procedure. The cost can show the experience of a surgeon, the technology that is being used and the condition of the person’s eye meaning to what quantity the eye has a defect. On average it will cost two to two and a half thousand US dollars for each eye. For all of the single laser-based vision corrections it can cost two thousand, one hundred and fifty US dollars. If the equipment is not guided by wave front analysis then it is not customized by LASIK and can cost one thousand and five hundred and eight US dollars. If the wave front Lasik is using technology which makes a flap then the cost can be two thousand and one hundred and seventy US dollars. If the cost is much lower than quoted here then you should think and research as to whether the ophthalmologist has a good reputation or not. Your eyes are important and you should not make a choice based on the lowest cost as this could be fatal to your future vision.

Cost Per Eye

It is important to remember when the centers talk about the cost of the procedure they are usually talking about the cost per eye. It is quite a costly procedure because of a few reasons, which are the royalties that must be paid for the manufacturers of the laser itself, medications that are required for the surgery and after it, the wage of the staff, renting of amenities for the surgery or office, follow up appointments, the category of laser technology that is being used, the country and area that you will get the operation performed in.

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