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Otoplasty is one of numerous plastic surgeries. It is generally performed in children although certain number of adult people opt for this surgical correction as well. The surgery is great for correction of different ear deformities. However, in majority of cases otoplasty refers to pinning back ears that 'stick out' too much.

The surgery is quite successful and can save the child a lot of psychological trauma (e.g. teasing at school etc.). Timely operated individuals do not have to face such problems and may not end up with insufficient self confidence and other psychological issue.Suitable Candidates for Otoplasty

The surgery is performed in both, children and adults. In case the child is going to be operated, the procedure can be performed only if the child's ears have fully developed. This is why otoplasty is never performed before four years of age. The surgery is efficient against different deformities such as enlarged ear lobes, lop ear, flattened, protruding or asymmetrical ears.

Otoplasty is also performed in adult individuals. Still, the success is not so great as it is the case with children since adult's ear cartilage is much more pliable and softer.

And finally, all patients who undergo the procedure must be in good health.

Otoplasty - the Very Surgery

Otoplasty is always performed under general anesthesia. During the surgery the doctor makes incision behind the ears. What follows is trimming and removal of the extra cartilage and skin. After that the cartilage is pinned at the desirable place with permanent sutures. Finally, the incision lines are closed.

Postoperative swelling and pain are reduced with anti-inflammatory medications and pain killers. The wound dressing is removed approximately after 7 days. Stitches are located behind the ears which does not allow scars to be visible.

Recovery time after otoplasty may last from 5-6 weeks. During this period of time the ears must not be pulled or tugged because this may cause changes in the ears' appearance.Otoplasty - the Cost

The surgery basically ranges from $3,000 and $7,000. There are several factors which determine the price of otoplasty. For example, the price may depend on the surgeon's expertise, the location of the clinic, the equipment used during the surgery and the extent of the ear deformity. The price of the surgery also includes the cost of the anesthesia. It is also necessary to take into consideration pre-surgical evaluation, operating room fees as well as medications administered during and after the surgery.

In order to be fully informed about the price of the surgery and additional costs, patients (or their family members) are due to consult a surgeon who is going to perform the operation.

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