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Shopping for your baby can be really quite overwhelming if you are pregnant with your first baby! When you have never had a baby before, knowing what items are useful, which are pointless, which are nice to have and which are absolutely essential. There is one baby item that is basically universally useful, and those are onesies. Here are the reasons you will love onesies, too!

If you have a summer baby, he or she can hang out in just onesies! They are really practical and, I think, work just fine as a complete outfit. Their diaper is covered, and they look great. They are a great combination with baby carriers (see tips for babywearing during the summer) as well during the hot weather. While t-shirts work just great for older kids, little babies who are carried a lot do less well with them because t-shirts ride up, giving your baby a bare tummy. During colder weather, this is obviously something you want to avoid. Onesies keep your baby nice and toasty at all times. Of course, they'll need something like a sweater as well. Onesies are easy to put on. Most have the kind of neckline you see in the picture, and there are no buttons or snaps to do up. The huge head opening is just perfect for a newborn baby. They are pretty cute! You can decorate your own plain onesies or buy them already decorated to your taste. Learn to love onesies, because you will probably get a ton of them given to you anyway. If your baby has a poop explosion, a onesie may help contain it to a limited area. They may actually help keep your baby's diaper in place too. Cotton onesies are really pleasant to wear and soak up sweat.

What are your reasons for loving onesies? Any parents who actually disliked them?

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