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When you are expecting your first baby, it can really help to know in advance what baby clothes are the most practical because looks are important, but nothing is as important as comfort and practicality, and especially for tiny babies! Of course, the problem is that it can be rather subjective. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of baby clothes "staples" lots of parents rely on, so that you can decide for yourself what is practical and what isn't.

Onesies are the one baby clothing item that most parents love. They keep baby's tummy covered up, and snap underneath the diaper. In summer, they can serve perfectly as a complete outfit, while they keep the baby warm and cozy in the winter, underneath other clothes. One-piece jump suits with or without feet are loved by some, and hated by others. I got quite a few given to me for both kids, but was never able to fall in love with them. Why? When your baby spits up, you can change only its shirt, and when you have a poo explosion, you can change only the pants... unless your baby is wearing a one-piece suit, of course! On the upside, you are done with the whole outfit after putting on one piece! A simple combination of pants and a t-shirt has been the best for me. There are plenty of very comfortable baby outfits. When you can mix and match, life is easiest for many moms! Pants that open up in the crotch are another baby item some parents swear they could never live without, while others hate them. It's true that you can change a baby's diaper without ever taking the pants off if you have these, however you will have to deal with a whole series of buttons instead. If this sounds practical to you, make sure to have snaps on the pants instead of buttons and button holes.

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